Payment Protection

Testmylife‘s buyer protection is designed to protect you.

We believe in putting our customer‘s security first, with that thought in mind we developed a fair and easy to read payment protection policy. Below we‘ve highlighted key selling points of our buyer protection policy.

Testmylife keeps you safe

Our buyer protection is designed to protect you from paying for falsely listed life offers. After purchasing an offer, your payment will be withheld by on our Testmylife Escrow account until we get your confirmation after arrival. When submitting your confirmation, you agree that everything was as listed. After receiving your confirmation, we will then release your payment to the seller completing the transaction. *Due to the bank transfer times and verifying both the guest and hosts bank details, this process can take up to 5 to 14 business days.

No hidden fees

Our simple acceptance then payment method, ensures no hidden fees from the seller or any unwanted surprises. How our system works is once you select and purchase a life offer, the host must contact you, go into more details regarding the offer, and either accepts/confirms your purchase or denies your request. This way you‘ll never be charged unless the host accepts your request (within 7 days). If the host declines or does not respond, no charges will be made to your account.

Easy payments, quick cancellations

With our acceptance then payment method, you only have to wait till the host, contacts you, and accepts you. After the host accepts your request you have up to 7 days to pay for the offer, via credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or any other well known payment methods. Once your payment is received on the Testmy life Escrow account, you‘ll receive an email confirmation. Your payment will be held until you arrived at the offer meeting point and confirm the life offer was as advertised. After we receive your confirmation, we will transfer the money to the host.

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Experienced fraud? Contact us for help

Purchased an offer that did not provide what was advertised? Contact our customer service department.
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In the event that you‘ve traveled out of state and purchased room accommodations, for example: Renting an elegant 2bedroom flat in Manhattan, only to find upon arrival that the flat is completely empty and isn‘t suitable for living. In this situation call us immediately. We will find you a hotel in the same area for the same price and your money will be refunded. Click here

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