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Find new friends around the globe.

No matter where and who you are - We connect you to like minded people world wide, to experience a new adventure. Testmylife gives you the chance to purchase life offers from people all over the world, make new friends or make money and rent out your life.

Find a fun life and meet new people

Testmylife gives you the opportunity for a certain period of time to live a completely different life. You can book local moments from the lives of community members, and get an one on one authentic experience with new people.

  • Live like an "insider" in strange places and find authentic experiences. Our search system allows you to search for everything from these categories, keywords, locations, price, people, interests, or a combination of your choice.
  • When you found the perfect offer that fits your personality, send the seller a booking request, and within seven days you will receive an answer as to whether he wants to share his life with you.
  • All payments are processed through PayPal which allows the use of debit or credit cards. Direct bank transfer to Testmylife is also possible through your bank. If the experience was as advertised, the money will be transferred to the host. Read more about security in payment you can find hier.
  • You meet the Host at the meeting point for the offer, get introduced and begin the event you purchased.
  • Review the offer on Testmylife and rate the experience, and your host. This gives other members of the community the opportunity to get an idea of what they might expect.
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Offer your life

Testmylife gives you the opportunity to share your life, your expertise, and unique moments of your life with others. As a result, you create new life experiences, meet new people, and earn money along the way.

  • To sign up on Testmylife, register using Facebook or an email address. Once you signed up, head over to your profile page to make it look unique! Add a short text, some photos, and within a few clicks you’ll be a part of the Testmylife community.
  • Create an authentic experience offer with you! You are describing the offer with photos and other details such as location, duration and price. And you put fixed dates on which the experience is available.
  • You decide who to share your life with. Every booking requires your consent; you have up to seven days to respond before it expires.
  • Testmylife is a completely free service for you to use. We handle the complete payment process for you. Read more here.
  • We will ask your guests to provide reviews, and recommendations of your offers. Each offer will display information on how often the activity was purchased and how good the activity was. More information on reviews here.
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Refer your friends and make money

We know having fri!!ends is important and we want to help connect you to them. We’ll help you share fun and exciting lives with them, that you may have never thought of trying before. More Information