Refer your friends and make money

Invite your friends

Friends are important and we want to help connect you to them.
With our platform you can stay in touch, make new friends, share fun and exciting livemoments with them.

It's so easy: If you signed up with Facebook, your friends are already connected to your account.
You can keep them updated when you rent different lives or notify them of a life offer you would like to share
with them. You can even send them offer suggestions.

Did you miss someone?

Refer friends and get a bonus

You are a good mediator and have lots of outgoing friends? Testmylife offers you the possibility to get a bonus for refering your friends. If your refered buddy becomes a member of the community and a moment of his life will be booked, you get a share of the payment.

Refer your friends

“John and I earned $200 last year from sharing our night life knowledge. We’re just sharing what we do normally and get paid for it. It’s so cool.”

The deal: You invite a friend who is signing up and is offering some event, then both of you will get a 5% refund of the price off the next upcoming booking.

You want to do some good with your bonus money: Then donate the money to the good cause of the month. When you refer a friend who rents a part of their life, you’ll make 5% of their profit every time for the first year.
This is of course optional, you can always choose to return that portion to your friend or donate it to a charity of your choice or one highlighted by us for the month.

Earn a nice chunk of change for yourself, from each friend you refer that shares his/her life.