About Testmylife

Come together, meet people and have new experiences.

"Live like a local in a foreign place" or even live the life of someone else! This was the basic idea of a small group of people in 2012 and from that idea Testmylife was born. Testmylife is a new type of "social marketplace". On our platform insiders can offer their lives as authentic experience. Like this anyone has chance to try a new life style for a certain period of time.

Our philosophy

Every person is unique. What seems like a common activity to some may be an absolute dream activity to others. Here at Testmylife we encourage our community to examine their interests, talents, and activities so others can join in on the fun. Testmylife give you the chance to be in the spot light for a day by partnering up with celebrities from around the globe. Every now and then different celebrities will offer a unique limited time package to The Testmylife Community. Whether you get the chance to play football with a famous footballer, or join the red carpet with a beautiful actress, or take part in a celebrity’s private clique all depends on you. There are countless ways through Testmylife to rediscover life!

Our goal is

Unlike other online networks, Testmylife connects people in real life. These connections, and experiences make The Community of Testmylife grow into something much more than an online group, it becomes a worldwide friendship network. Community members talk about their experience and share their insights with others.

With our goal in mind, are main focuses are

No BS. We really care about your experience and want you to walk away from this experience using Testmylife as absolutely perfect. Please make sure that you rank the people you have visited or you know. That makes it easier for everyone to see if the chosen life is the right one for them

Customer service

Any Email sent to us will be answered fast and always same day, if not the same hour.

Maybe not everyone is a social butterfly bubbling with confidence, but that isn't bad. No matter who the person is or where he lives, we’ll find someone interested in being a part of your life. You are unique!

Yara, Testmylife CEO